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Since 1980, Komando Av (Commando-Arms) combines tradition, high quality requirements and innovation for hunters and sport shooters. Komando Av guns have a much deserved reputation for quality and reliability which gives their owners complete confidence in our products.

The Komando Av line of high quality shotguns is one of the most complete offered by any gunmaker in the world today. There is literally something for everyone, from hunters of all kinds of small game, to competitive live-bird and clay-target shooters. Komando Av makes double-barreled shotguns in both side-by-side and over-andunder models, with either boxlock or sidelock actions. They range in price from affordable boxlocks to sidelock masterpieces that are some of the most exquisite examples of fine gunmaking to be found anywhere. Every gun in the Komando Av line has been tested and proven by time.

As early as 1990, we expanded our range via additional wholesale and export activities, while annually in terms of services and merchandise diversity, our core business continued to grow.

Today, Komando Av has established itself as a supplier of exclusive fashion which is presented along with other offers in periodically released catalogues and in the stores. In addition to the around 1.000 dealers, Komando Av disposes of a branch office in the capital of Europe, Istanbul.

The same values and goals have and continue to distinguish the company in the past and the present. Komando Av masters the areas of hunting and shooting sports with excellence and competence. A contributing factor is the fact that many of our employees participate in these sports themselves. Their expertise in the field ensures that our high quality demands are met in all areas - in both hunting and sport shooting, as well as in the world of Komando Av fashion.

Komando Av`s range of merchandise ideally unites tradition with innovation. Together, our highly developed sense of quality and traditionally courteous customer service results in an outstanding performance record and an excellent reputation that reaches far beyond borders of Turkey.

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